Trending in Your Target Language

I’ve just realised that there is a way to see what is trending on google searches in various countries. One of the reasons I love reading foreign newspapers as well as listening to local radio stations is I love to see (or at least try to!) what is going on in the country of my languages. I’m going to be checking this every day now. I have a feeling it is going to be my new obsession.

In Germany today we have -
Inge Krabbe (a German actress don’t know anything about her)
and there also looks like there has been some sort of Demo in Frankfurt.

Anyway if you want to play with it the link is here

Happy learning / exploring!

In English, the issue of of these days is wiretaping, everyone wiretap the other !

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i read the united nations website for news in spanish and french but you can choose to read and listen to articles in diferent languages it has transcripts with the audio for many news articles unfortunately you can only choose content from certain languages in english ,french ,spanish,portuguese,and some asian languages so if you study these you are in luck