Right I have no doubt this has been covered before but for the life of me I can’t find the thread.

When going through the different articles/lessons etc how do people decide what is the best translation of a word into their native language. I have noticed that when a word is highlighted in blue I may have 5 different choices for a translation, sometimes all suggesting different things. Would I be better to just look in a dictionary when trying to find out words, or should I just trust what the website says. The problem with internet translations is they all seem to give different suggestions when translated, so it is very hard to decided what word is appropriate in what situation when I am trying to speak.

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Hello martialartsdude. Even though you get options from Lingq, try to translate phrases instead of words so you can get the whole picture when doing the translation. Some words have more than one meaning when translated, but when looking at the context and how the word is used in the phrase you can determine which translation works in any given sentence.

The dictionary definition, or one of the Users’ Hints are just that Hints. I usually choose one or two words, or even the whole list of translations offered by a dictionary. I wait until I meet the word a few more times before I feel I know the scope of the word. And the meaning can vary from context to context. That is why it helps to have a lot of saved LingQs, in order to see them again and again as little yellow friends.

I do not try to nail down meaning. The language, and the meaning of words just gradually becomes clearer and clearer.