Translation "Who is she"

Hi. I don’t know does I ask in correct category so I’m really sorry. I would like to ask does I can translate dialogue “Who is she” to Hungarian? Hungarian isn’t my native language but I learn now this so translation this text would help me maintain my language skills. Later native Hungarian people could correct my translation. If I can translate, does I can send or publish this on-line for other people which would like to learn Hungarian? Earlier I was a little disappointed because I can’t learn Hungarian in LingQ and really this dialogue is very, very helpful in start learning so I think that this could help me and other people.
All the best. :slight_smile:

I would also love to see someone translate and record Who is she into Greek, but I’m not holding my breath. :wink:

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@KeRKiG Unfortunately, I am not able to upload Hungarian translation to lesson. Hungarian is not available for now.
@gregf Greek is available as Beta language and it would be great if we can find someone to translate “who is she” into Greek and record audio for it.

I’m sorry for my English. I wrote it not correctly. I don’t want Hungarian translation. I want make translation from English into Hungarian. I’m not Hungarian but translation this text help me improve my language skills and next I’ll give this to make corrections for native Hungarians. I ask because I want do that legally.
Lets hope so that now I wrote it correctly and you can understand. :slight_smile:

Ah, I think that I know what you mean now. :slight_smile: Sure. feel free to translate text if you think that translating it into Hungarian will help you to improve language :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you very much. :slight_smile:

But the question still remains: where to put the translated text to make corrections by Hungarian native speakers?
It is possible for the Greek translation because there is a Greek slot, but there is no Hungarian slot yet.
By the way, I translated Eating Out into Belarusian but there is no Belarusian slot, too.

Δεν είναι κακή ιδέα:)

That’s right, Hungarian and Belorusian aren’t yet available at LingQ, so it’s not possible to submit Hungarian writting for correction.

Why Hungarian? Have you already learned some Hungarian? Do you know some Hungarians who will help you?
I am still confused by your question and your purpose. Are you asking whether you can just take this text and use it privately?

i think that’s useful for you

Would it be possible to add any non-LingQ text into the same box as the first translation that is given in the resource slot? (English, French, or whatever) It would mean that there would be same additional paragraphs, albeit in a different language.

We rather prefer that translations 100% match original text. I am not quite sure that I understand what’s your idea. We can add as many translation as possible for any lesson, if they are available of course.

I understood the first post in this thread to ask whether s/he could please add an Hungarian translation to Who is She? It would be a rough translation, but a translation nevertheless. @Ress was asking where to put such a text. I suggested to put it into one of the language slots available in the resource section. Hope this clears it up.

As to “We rather prefer that translations 100% match original text”, I am sure you realise that that’s not how translations work.

I see what you mean, but Hungarian slot isn’t available in our system for now, and I am not able to upload Hungarian translation at all. I am not agains uploading translation, even if it’s rough, but as I said, Hungarian translations are not available at LingQ for now.