Translation problems

Hello everyone,
I’m a student in a university. To succeed in my studies, I have to translate texts from French to English or from English to French and I don’t manage to improve my translation and I remain at the same level. So I do not know what I must do to solve this problem. Moreover I have the feeling that I do not succeed in learning vocabulary and grammar rules.

Hi Louise,
first of all, you don’t have to lose your patience and your motivation!
Continue to translate.
Analyse your mistakes.

“I don’t succeed in learning vocabulary and grammar rules” - it’s a wrong position.
Try to define what concrete rules you don’t know - verb tenses, passive voice, modals, conditionals - and repeat these specific rules.

You can also send your translations for the correction here - but it’s payable.
And not to be surprised - you’ll receive 4-6 different corrections from different native speakers!
You have to analyse all these corrections thoroughly to decide what corrections are really essential and important and what corrections show only the different attitude of different native speakers to the style of the language.
Good luck!