Translation problems in Phrases for a Tutor, Russian from English

Russian from English
Полезные фразы
Conversations with a tutor: Useful phrases

The translations are all off (on wrong sentences) after this one.

Я не поняла (fem.) Я не поняд (masc.) Я не понимаю …

The three translations for those three phrases didn’t all show up on it, but rather got split between it and the next two sentences.

They should be “I did not understand (fem.)”, “I did not understand (masc.)”, and “I do not understand”

Currently the feminine one got translated to “I did not remember” but the masculine one got translated to “I did not understand” (& moved to the next item). I think it makes no sense to translate the masculine & feminine versions differently.

Thanks for reporting, we will look into it and have it fixed.