Translation problem

A proper translation on the following phrase in the forum is not possible for German.

In English you write for example “7 days, 2 hours ago by VeraI”. In the translation tool I can translate “ago” and “by”. The result is “7 Tage, 2 Stunden davor von VeraI”. A proper translation would be “Vor 7 Tagen, 2 Stunden von VeraI”.

I need the option to translate the complete phrase with placeholders.

Ah. My German is really bad, but I would use the form that feels right to you.
I’m OK with “vor 7 Tagen, 2 Stunden, von Veral”.

@Ketutar: This is a request to the support. They have to change something in the translation tool that I can do it this way. German is my native language. So I’m sure my version is correct. It is a kind of a technical problem.

Oh… blush
I know your native language is German. You have read some things in the lessons. But I would like some support from other Finnish speakers every now and then, and I thought this was one of those situations, and as no-one else responded - which I now understand why - I thought I’d give my opinion on the matter, as a student of German :slight_smile:

@Ketutar: You can practize your German on the “Offenes deutsche Forum (Open forum in German)”: Offenes Deutsches Forum (Open Forum In German) - Language... I’m sure you get a lot of answers if you start with this.

Proper translation should not be a problem, since the French translation is correct: “il y a 7 jours, 2 heures par Vera”, which is the same construction as in German.

Thank you Jean! I found a second translation of “ago” coming with a placeholder. The translation tool is really annoying if you search for something.

Thanks to both of you for helping out with this! We know that Pootle isn’t perfect, but it’s a lot better than some of the alternatives :slight_smile: