Translation of lessons

I have been a member of LingQs for over a year, but I have not used it because I find it very difficut to use!
Where do you get the translation of the lesson into English? I am trying to learn french and find just hovering over the word is not what I need. Hope someone can help! Sorry for being so thick!!


It depends which lessons you are using. Some of them do have translations into English. You can see that when you open a lesson.

You can always try Google translate to give you a rough idea of what is being said. Enjoy making sense of the lessons on your own - the best way to learn!

I would recommend that you try to use the LingQ system the way it was designed. Start with easy texts and build up your vocabulary and your familiarity with the language, with a lot of listening, reading and vocabulary review. You may find that the translations become unnecessary.

If you really feel the need for a translation, you could also use google translate for entire lessons. It is not what I would recommend, however. I find that relying on the texts in the target language, and working your way through them in the LingQ manner, is going to produce better results.