Translation mode

I would like to have the option of seeing an entire dialogue translated and presented on one page (or more if the story is long). Translating using the sentence mode is useful but it breaks up the pace of learning. Listening to the entire story’s audio beginning to end along with the translation is a powerful tool to me.


Thanks for your feedback. If full translation for a lesson is available, you will see the “Translate Lesson” option under the settings.
If translation isn’t available, sentence translations in the Sentence mode is the best you can do at the moment. I don’t think that anything will change there in the near future to be honest.

There is a solution that I use. Open DeepL translation app on your browser and copy paste text from your lesson and then you can easily read or do listening-Reading. It hardly takes a few seconds.

Agreed! I’d say it’s vital, for the mini stories at least. Curiously, the full text translation option (for stories with translation) dissapeared with V5. If you’re stuck and the lesson has an equivalent in English (or another language you know, as with the mini stories), you can open it in that language and will probably find a full text “print out” version. Not half as convienient as having it there with one click, as previously!

Working for me now thanks, Zoran, the “Translate lesson” and Sentence Mode for mini stories on Web version. Good work, thanks! Looks like that part of the thread has been deleted. (Personally, would still like a click up/down translation overview of course, but I’ll try to stop going on about it for now :wink: