Translating & Recording Current Content

Hello everyone, I’m sure this has probably been discussed before, but still wanted to mention it just in case it hasn’t. As I’ve been studying Italian, I thought a final step for me before finishing up a lesson and moving on to a new one could be taking the Italian lesson, translating it into my native language (English), and recording it and posting it to the English library. I realize that many of the lessons have some cultural aspects to them - but still think there might be some value in this. Of course sharing of the lesson in another language would require the permission of the original owner and credit would need to be given along with a mention of the lessons original language. Has this idea been explored? If not, how do people feel about it?

That sounds like a really nice idea! I think the translating would make a nice final leg of the learning odyssey, and the product would be useful to others.

It has been done. I remember that Vera has done quite a few translations into German, with permission of the original writer. Some of us translate their own submissions and have them corrected and recorded by native speakers.

Hi Sanne, I always ask the provider. This is at least the minimum you should do.
I did myself translations of blog posts from Steve and Helen. Sometimes Steve asked me if I could do this.
David translated with my permission some of the episodes of my diary into English.

I think there cannot be a general rule. Just ask :slight_smile:

This is a great idea: I think I will consider translating some lessons into Italian. If you’d like to see your lessons or collections in Italian, let me know! :slight_smile:

@Michele! ohh yes! it would be great to read the lessons from Vera in Italian!
see you soon! and thanks !

Jolanda, which of Vera’s thousands of lessons are you referring to?