Translating materials in the library to other languages


As I finally got the motivation to start learning a new language (french) I found myself discovering lingq’s library again (because with english I almost never use contents from the library. I usually import my own.).
In my searches for new materials I ran into a very interesting set of lessons - français facile.
They are just as dificult and as challenging as I would like them to be.
The problem is: I 'm having some trouble translating them. I have no previous knowledge of French, so I end up translating word per word and sometimes I can’t get an acceptable (even poor) translation.(It seems that lingq’s dictionary doesn’t work as well with french as it works with english)

Any suggestions? Does anyone know a good free french dictionary software?

While we’re at it, I was wondering maybe we could have some place here at lingq where we could ask for help with translations.Something like a contibution board, I don’t know.

Ps: I also tried to use the “who is she” and “eating out” lessons, because there are plenty of direct translations to these lessons in many languages, but I dind’t like those lessons in french that much.

Actually, I find the French-English dictionary in Babylon to be quite good and if I don’t find the translation there, I just scroll past the Babylon dictionary to the Other Dictionaries list and check Word Reference and Google Translate. I almost never can’t find the translation I need and I’m at an upper intermediate/advance level.

I also find Word Reference very useful. The good thing about it is that if you can’t find the answer to a term or expression or what have you, you can post questions there (much like here) and you get responses back very quickly.