Translate in my native language or no?

Hello everybody,
i’m trying to learn english and i’m listening a lot television programs or youtube’s videos. Now I begin to distinguish the word and the frases. Whenever i listen, my brain tryes to translate it in my native language. I ask you… Is this approach correct? How can i avoid it and understand all in english? shall i force it? It’s normal at this level? What do you tell me about this? Thanks.

In the beginning this happens, You translate because you can’t think in English. In my case, after 4 months…I began to think in english and today, I don,t think im my native language anymore. The more you study english, the sooner you’ll reach that, It happens naturally.

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Hi, I think this is an interesting subject that should be developed because most of the new language learners must being confronted with this issue. It is the same for me, I need to translate a word here or a sentence there in my native language and I do not know why. It would be great if people whom have been in this case would give their opinion!

Hi, Nobody has answered and especially those whom have a good level in a language. How does this work for you? How long does this take? Thanks!

I’m waiting too… please help us.

Re, In fact, if I think about this process I realize that I recognize and understand without translating words of which I know the translation in my mother tongue and I only translate in my mind those one I am not sure or I just began memorized … You know what I mean? And what about you?

It’s just a natural stage in language learning. Everyone goes through it in the beginning. Eventually you just begin to formulate your phrases in the target language without ever having to translate, it just takes a while.

i’m with elric. it’s becoming natural with the time.
in spanish i can read, write, listen and talk without thinking in portuguese…

in english i’m on intermediate level… i really can talk, write and listen without thinking in my native language, but i don’t have much vocabulary on my mind, than i have to “search” many words on the dictionary

in italian… in italian i’m starting, i’m beginner, so i have to think in portuguese…

of course i do many mistakes, but the important is, i will improve it :slight_smile:

I had not noticed this thread. I agree with moretji. At first we translate. This is normal. We refer to something that we know, our own language. In due course we learn to make meaning directly out of the words of the new language.

Hi. I asked because on internet i saw different versions about that. Somebody says that we must force our brain and don’t tink in our own languages… Someone says the opposite instead. Thanks Steve for your advice i’ll follow that you say. Grazie di cuore ed un saluto a tutti dall’Italia.

Re, Thanks for your responses Elric, moretij and Steve! This must be a great moment when this happens :o)

mio amico italiano, sì, è vero che è un belo momento quando sei capace de leggere, ascoltare e parlare senza bisognare di pensare in tu proprio idioma.

Dany, it doesn’t take that long for it to happen, you just have to stick with it, and immerse yourself enough.

Wow, I have had the exact same problem but I have been studying Italian for many years and still I have this problem. Also when I read Italian books I seem to read out loud and translate as I go in English because I can read a whole page and not know what I read unless I do this. :frowning: