Translate and listening to rap songs: Does it really help?

Hello Everybody…i don’t know wheter there is a section for introducing my self or not, so i’m going to do a brief one there; My name is Marco and i come from Italy (Sardinia to be specific). In order to improve mi oral comprehension I’ve been translating and listening to american’s rap song for a long while, and it has worked very well. In fact…now i can understand at least 85% (average) of spoken english (podcasts, videos and so on) without much effort nor pay closely attention to it. When i’m really focus on the subject, then i can easily understand 95% of what is being said. Considering the positives feedbacks received from this technique, i’ve been translating Slovak rap songs too; I have to say it’s pretty much going well as well as did for English. What do you guys think? Does translate and listening rap songs help your comprehension skill? Do you found it useful? Hope i did not make many mistakes

Of course it helps. Listening and reading, and translating are excellent ways to learn a language. It works if we are interested in the content. I for example am not interested in rap,(too old) and focus on other kinds of content.

I guess listening to for instance “Ноггано” while reading their lyrics will help you learning Russian. Also, if you import the lyrics to LingQ, you will have some nice learning lessons.

Lyrics: Баста, Ноггано - Тексты песен (Баста ака Нагано)