Transcription of Steve's interview with Luca (French)

Howdy all

My good friend has transcribed Steve and Luca’s discussion from a few months back, so thought it would be nice to share it with you guys. I haven’t proof read as such, but I’m sure it’s pretty accurate.

Converted YT video into MP3 so it’s downloadable


Hi Marc
please put the link you can find on the end of the lesson.not on the top.
(on the top it is your personal"reader"link.)

sorted :slight_smile:

Their French is wonderful! They use it like natives.

It’s weird to see the word “polyglot” written in French after seing it all the time in English. I even thought it was wrong. :slight_smile:

There are a few typos here and there, which is not surprising given the length of the text. Good job!

There are some small “mistakes” like

éudiant => étudiant
18eme => 18e / 18ème
j’suis / j’vais => je suis / je vais (of course it is spoken “j’suis”, but in the transcription I would prefer correct written form)
paris => Paris
yavait => y avait
Ldédier => ??
voila => voilà

I found one typo while glancing at this transcription.
discution => discussion

I clicked “Ignore” in order not to count this word, English ones. Spanish ones, the other typos, etc.