Transcription of audio by learners

I think LingQ would benefit by promoting the transcription of copyright free audio by learners. For example, as a Japanese or French learner I can transcribe some Japanese or French audio. Then it can be checked by a native speaker and submitted to the library. I pay the checker by the word, but I get to submit it and earn points if possible.

Another idea is to use online software like

Users submit audio which is converted to text with speech to text software, with errors of course. But users can correct errors with an ingenious interface that crowd-sources the correction. Correction is done without payment. And final transcripts can join the library.

For awhile I was transcribing conversations and monologues of a couple of the Spanish providers here. They then checked the transcripts and submitted them to the library. It wasn’t easy at first, but I found that over time I was able to understand Spanish conversations and movies a lot easier. There is a definite benefit to the learner for doing this.

These are good ideas and we welcome good quality content in all languages. Members can make these arrangements amongst themselves. The key will be to figure out what kind of content is of greatest interest.


That’s a better idea. The learners kind of work as free-of-charge secretaries for the content providers.

Transcripts are boring to make but content providers still need to write them. Why not outsource this to learners who get paid in having the corrected transcript available in the library? Content remains property of the content provider.

So for any French or Japanese content providers, please contact me for any transcription. I would work slowly because I am busy, but I’ll try to average 3 - 4 sentences per day.

Another idea. Lingq should allow people to share content that is only audio or only text. They will be tagged as such and be in a special part of the library. The audio can be supplemented by native speakers only. The text can be crowd sourced.

When the sharer or Lingq judges the content to be suitable, it can go in to the main library. The person providing the audio will become “owner” since by definition they should be a native speaker and thus did not learn any language from the process.

I like this idea, as well as your original one!

This is a good idea, and one that we will have to find a way to enable.