Traditional Chinese pronunciaton, (plus a bunch of bonus website interface feedback)

Traditional Chinese language, as used in Taiwan does not use pinyin regularly, in fact most them can’t use pinyin. On the way to having Traditional Chinese as a fully supported language, it should have the option of Bopomofo aka
主音ZhuYin on the right (unless we’re only relying on Google and it’s a gtranslate limitation i guess)

Bonus browser based LingQ website feedback. Maybe the website version isn’t that popular, but I feel more control over making new multiword lincs, and customizing definitions.

  1. quality of life: Show daily apple progress ‘in-lesson,’ I have to have two tabs open in my language to see my daily goal progress. (Maybe this is intended to hide it? Maybe I don’t understand the GUI information of the smaller apple on the top of the page?)
  2. quality of life/bug for longer lesson pages: on lessons with scrolling(you have to scroll if you text doesn’t fit on the page) using the keyboard to hit right(next word) needs to auto focus/center view. I use arrows to go to the next word but it doesn’t show me the word, it just pronounces is (maybe there is a work around where I make sure I don’t make my lessons need to scroll?)
  3. enhanced lesson feed/community section: More interaction with the popular lesson feed in order to find better content and ask other for language help: comment section for the popular lesson feed articles with review(not just the like/thumbs ), just like facilitates discussion (hell maybe even use the reddit API to have a bot automatically create the post in a new subreddit). Not sure how easy this would be but all I ever see in my lesson feed is a title to a news article and “X person thumbed this article up 13 days ago” I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with that. Maybe even turn the ‘like button’ into a “4 out of 5 stars” or “2 out of 3 Stevey-Kauffmans”
  4. I really hope empty screen real estate problem will be fixed in new version, Chinese characters are hard to read when small, the unused spaces on the margins etc can seem like a missed opportunity.
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