Tracker for "used" lessons doesn't work - number of lessons "in use" for HUNDERTS of my shared lessons has DECREASED

It looks like the tracker for “used” lessons doesn’t work properly.

I always have a look how often my shared lessons are “in use”. I’m interested in the content that I’ve shared. Especially I want to know which ones the students on LingQ like. I keep track of this since I’m sharing lessons on LingQ. I saved a statistic last week, and I was doing a statistic again this morning.

I recognized that for HUNDERTS of my shared lessons the number of lessons “in use” has DECREASED! All over all for German only the counter decreases for more than 800. And I can only see if the number has decreased when no other member has taken the lesson! So if the number of a lesson decreases and someone else take the same lesson, I would not recognize it.

Usually the counter of German lessons “in use” increases for 1,000 up to 2,000 each week. This week it increased only 186. Please consider that I’ve shared about 2,000 lessons for German only.

I’m sure other content providers are affected as well.

There must be a HUGE bug.

Please test what happens to a number:

  • if someone deletes a learned lesson
  • if someone archives a learned lesson
  • if someone deletes his account because he/she wants to change to a free membership and this is the simplest way to do this (instead to delete many, many LingQs)
  • or other reasons?

Considering the time to create content (most of my lessons are written and recorded by myself or transcribed by hand) the outcome is quit low. So at least the calculation should be correct, don’t you think so?

Thanks for pointing this out. I don’t know what happens in some of these cases, but we will look into this and see if we can figure out what might be going on!

I miss this point on the list of KNOWN ISSUES:

Don’t worry, it’s in our internal list. I’ve added it to this list too as well, though it isn’t the list we use internally to address issues.

It’s becoming a kind of muzzily to report on all these issues on the forum without being sure about the progress. We could make use of Bugzilla or something…

@eugrus - If you take a look at the thread that Vera linked to, you will see an up-to-date list of known and resolved issues. I’ve encouraged users to post issues there, since the number of issues with a major update is significantly more and multiple forum threads makes it more difficult for everyone to keep track of what’s going on.

@Vera - Everything seems fine with the Taken and In Use numbers. Both on the old import and new import pages, these numbers are the same and match up. Unless you can provide concrete examples of numbers that have changed, we don’t see an issue here. You thought this was an issue in the previous version too I seem to recall but then you figured out where you may have been misinterpreting the results. I have also checked the statistics for the shared lessons this month and they seem to be consistent with the previous month. Of course, if you test adding, archiving and deleting and find something not working properly, please let us know.

Mark, when I wrote to you in the previous version it was a typo in ONE lesson. This is now a different problem.

Now hundreds of lessos are involved. I can send you an excel sheet where I note down the number of taken lessons for each week. It reports the last two saturdays (and more). I guess this problem occurs if someone deletes his LingQ account or if someone deletes a language on LingQ. I’ll do some tests when I’ll come back from my job this afternoon and send you the Excel sheet.

I guess nobody else is aware of this because nobody else keep track of this number like I do.

@ Vera - we looked into this issue and couldn’t find anything wrong. If you can make the count change deleting or archiving let us know. If we can recreate the problem, we will be much better able to fix it.

I can’t archive lessons in Chrome- if I select Archive- nothing happens! On the left “Timeline” side - at a just done lesson, I can see “study” and when I hover the mouse pointer over- I see “share”. Why should I share e.g. my conversation report?

With IE, in “My lessons” column I can only see Open and Share. How should I archive lessons? It’s confusing!
I didn’t experience all of that and some other hiccups in the previous version.

@junair - Are you selecting “Archive” from the dropdown on the My Lessons page that is next to the “Open” button for each lesson, or is this from the Learn page?

When you select “Archive” from the dropdown, you should see a little notification appear at the top right of your screen confirming that the lesson has been archived. In order to see the updated list, you will have to refresh the page.


It was very easy to reproduce this.

In canceled my test account. The first number is the number shown in the library of my test account before I deleted the account. The second number is from my main account in the Import section.

Grammatik - Grammar, N.13.Beispiel 4 - Personalpronomen - sie (3. Person Plural): 91 → 89
Grammatik - Grammar, N.03.Beispiele 1 - Nomen - Geschlecht - unbestimmter Artikel: 118 → 116
Grammatik - Grammar, N.02.Beispiele 1 - Nomen - Geschlecht: 327 → 325
Elli’s small world for Beginners - Relatives, EW02. Thomas - Vater: 163 → 162
Elli’s small world for Beginners - Relatives, EW01. Elli - Kind: 319 → 316
Grammatik - Grammar, N.02.Info - Nomen - Geschlecht - Bestimmter Artikel: 160 → 158
Grammatik - Grammar, N.01.Info - Nomen - Allgemein / Basics: 326 → 324
Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now!, 01.01 Begrüßung I: 3497 → 3492
Vera’s Diary for beginners, VD #000, Alltag mit Vera: 839 → 837
Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now!, 01.04 Abschied II Anrede “Dir”: 1708 → 1705
Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now!, 01.03 Abschied I: 1944 → 1941
Ab jetzt lerne ich Deutsch! German Now!, 01.02 Begrüßung II: 2187 → 2184

So you can imagine what happens if someone after a membership of 2 or 3 years decided to cancel his account. Than the lessons will loose hundreds of “taken”.

Later I’ll send you hardcopies. Now I’ve an appointement.

thank you Alex, but why the option “Archive” doesn’t work from the Learn page?

I did notice that in order to see the updated list, I have to refresh the page - it worked without refresh in the old version though.

@Junair: It would be better if you create a new thread when you have a different problem . My and your problem have nothing in common. It’s a bit confusing when two things get mixed up, don’t you think so?