Total Annihilation Challenge

Anyone hear about the Total Annihilation Challenge?

Here’s basically what’s it’s about:

I guess it originated on the HTLAL forum. I think using lingq would greatly benefit some of the people doing it so long as they’re doing all four things necessary for language learning (reading, speaking, listening, reading).

I honestly thought it was a challenge to play Total Annihilation.

I used to play the game ‘Total Annihilation’ A LOT!

Are we allowed to kill each other to inprove our LingQ rankings? whoaholic is keen to find out!

Whatever happened? Did whoaholic get the desired reply? Who tried the challenge?

Whoaholic won. His competitive streak coupled with his superior computing skills won the day. Having said that, flowersuccess is still using LingQ, so she won a moral victory. She still finds it a bit complicated though.It’s not optimally designed for nine-year olds, having no cartoon characters or humourous sound effects.

I’m referring to Whoaholic’s competition with his sister, which I assume is what SanneT was asking?

Yes, I did. On the other hand, did some grown-up undertake the challenge?