Total activity score question

I have a question about how the “Total Activity Score” is calculated. My score lately appears to decrease as I participate. For example, when I submitted a writing assignment today, my score dropped from 4731 to 4524. Is that supposed to happen? It’s obviously not a critical issue, but I sometimes use the score as a motivational tool and I want to be sure I know how it works. Thanks!


The score is based on the activity during the last 30 days. I’m online all the time, save 20+ LingQs (sometimes up to 50), learn a lot, but once in a while it happens to be quite a few “less active” days in the “last 30 days”. I’ve had an activity score of 9000+ a few weeks ago (when the texts I studied had many new words). Not now.

We already had discussions about Total Activity Score. In my opinion it should be improved. Perhaps LingQ members could write what is real activity in their opinion, and make some suggestions.

But I think for my learning it’s not so important. So, I don’t care about activity score so much.

In my case I am looking with great eyes when I see my activity score is reducing instead of increasing.
I am learning often outside and forget to put the buttons.

I know, I wasn’t here for five weeks - but now the increasing is really slow :frowning:

That activity score really pushes me on to keep studying! It’s become a matter of pride not to drop too far in the activity score rankings, and if you slack for a few days you see your scores start to flag. Then you need to go crazy for the rest of the week to make it up!

It is impossible to have an Activity Index that perfectly reflects how each individual studies. Like with so much in language learning, accepting imperfection is a virtue. It is a useful measure and stimulus.

Since it is useful and stimulative more factors should be involved in this Index. The learner would see “rewards” for all kinds of his activity and so get greater motivation.

I think it used to include time spent listening to material…but then it got taken out. Pity because I need to be prodded into listening more!

We would like to be able to include more factors, such as listening, however, we can’t include factors that can be manipulated manually like the listening and reading. We have tried to include factors that measure activity directly on the system. It’s not perfect but it is a good indicator of your learning activity.

I’m perfectly happy the way it works. It’s only natural that the score will drop now and then, since a constant increase would mean that I was saving (and learning) more and more LingQs - quite a paradox, because the “better” I get, the fewer words I will have to save.

Don’t forget that the score also goes up when speaking with a tutor or getting a text corrected.