Top 25 Flashcards stuck

Earlier on I successfully worked through my top 25 flashcards in Spanish. When I attempted to do the same for French I got stuck on the second card and nothing moved from there on (the same happened yesterday). Russian and Swedish work, it’s just French that’s playing up.

I am on FF and have been signing in and out to see whether the system will allow me to do the French Top 25 when I have French as the language I last worked on… I even restarted the computer. It makes no difference.

As I don’t do these Top flashcards all that often I don’t know whether this is a new or a known twist.

Ha, it worked just now. Is there a 24-hour ban on doing another set of 25? In any case, I have now done more than enough and am content with the status quo.

Yup, during one day flashcards will always be the same. You’ll need to wait until next day to get new flashcards.

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But why can’t I go to the flashcards of the day?.. I receive the notifications every day,however, if I try to open them, a strange thing appers: ‘invalide date’.
And it happens last 3 days!..

Sorry for the trouble here - it seems something strange is going on with the LingQs of the Day lists and flashcards in general. We’re looking into this today and will hopefully have it resolved soon!