Too slangy?

Hi, I’m in trouble with this title for a paper: Face recognition aiding historical photographs indexing using a two-phased training scheme.
I was wondering if the “two-phased” exists, makes sense or would be too slangy. Any suggestions to make it better?
Thanks a lot.


I do not know the context of this report. This title is a little difficult to understand.

Do you mean

“Facilitating face recognition in historical photograph indexing: a two-step approach”

Thanks for trying to help me. Writting about such a complicated thing in English is a tough task and is making me crazy this week…
Let me try to explain briefly.
I’m proposing a face recognition technique to help historians in the indexing of people found in old photographs. The face recognition method used has a training step, and this training step is performed in two different “sub-steps” (which are the novelty of the method). So, to avoid this “sub-steps” thing, I tried to used “phase”…

I prefer the term “two-phase” or even “two-stage” approach.

aha! maybe two-stage is the expression I was looking for!
I will think about it tomorrow morning, I can’t look at that text anymore today…
Thanks a lot!