Too many coins (statistcs)

Something has been wrong with the statistics since yesterday: I’ve just noticed that the daily counter jumps up by 22 points when I create just one LingQ, e.g. from 144 to 166. But not always: sometimes it’s just one point, then it’s three or four again. I can’t recognize a pattern.
Yesterday I got to just under 500 points in half an hour of reading. That’s nonsense, of course, and distorts all the statistics.
Turning a page increases the counter massively, although I don’t have LingQs automatically generated and I don’t automatically announce them. The phenomenon seems to exist both on iOS and in the browser.
Has anyone else noticed this apart from me?

Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.

One thing I noticed: Whenever I switch from the page view to the sentence view, the next time I create a LingQ, several points are awarded. For further LingQs, only one point is counted up again.
I should perhaps mention that I notice this behavior especially in Firefox, but not only there. I still haven’t found a reproducible pattern.