Too many characters in a field for a Lingq

So, when you try to create a Lingq with too many characters in the field, it just removes everything you wrote there and you are left with a blank slate. I find this frustrating as I often, especially with Japanese, spend a lot of time creating the Lingq and it’s annoying to have all your work gone to waste especially when you can not see beforehand, if you are over the limit.

My suggestion is that, if you try save a Lingq with too many characters, you’ll get a warning and just go back to editing the field instead of just everything getting wiped out.

I’ll attach a picture to show the difference between a Lingq that I created myself with some effort vs. an example from the community Lingqs. This is a really simple example, sometimes you would have 3-4 different readings and up to 10 different meanings.

Thanks for your feedback, we will look into it and see what can be done.

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