Here’s a tongue-twister for those of you who want to practice the two “th” sounds: Thelma thinks that Theodore is thirty-three, not thirty-two

I got into tongue-twisters for a little while. Here’s one that I found on the net and then modified to make it a bit more difficult.

Three watchers watch three witches wash three Swatch watches, which watcher watches which witch wash which Swatch watch?

That’s awesome Peter! Now to memorize it…

We should totally have a YouTube tongue twister contest. Anyone down?

“I got into tongue-twisters for a little while.”

Really? Did you quit? Did it affect your family and relationships? I’m glad you were able to kick it, don’t let Mr. David Martin here bring you down… Just say no :wink:

Hehe… yeah gotta try to stay clean, stay away from anything that would tempt me to have one more hit!

I went through a phase where I found and memorised a lot of different tongue-twisters in English, Finnish and some in French.

Un chasseur sachant chasser, sait chasser sans son chein de chasse.