Tokyo LingQ get-together Party (リンクのオフ会)

I posted this in the Japanese forum as well, but Emma asked me to do an english version as well ^^

After last June, when a bunch of use got together to have a drink with and talk to Steve, I thought it would be a great idea if we just get together every few months. I wouldn’t mind chatting with people over a drink, finding out what works, what hasn’t worked and just continue building our community.

Therefore, I think I would like to have a little get-together party at the end of August or beginning of September. We can just get together, find out what we are doing to help our studying, exchange ideas and so on. So if you are interested, just post a reply to this thread.


Thank you, Val chan :slight_smile:

I just hope we can get some people together.

Hi Val,

This is Naoko.
I would like to join if I can make it.


It would be great to have you!