To see my own statistic by days and monthes


Today Ive tried to remember when I started to study my French. Its pity but I could not.

I want to know my progress by days and months - in table or/and diagram.
For me it is not enough to know how many words/lingQs I did today, yesterday, on week, by two weeks, by month, by 3 months and so on.
I need to see when I started to study language, when I had not activities.

I think such feature will make LingQ system more user-friendly.
(And I really understand its a great work for Steves crew. But it costs).

What do dear LinqQers think?

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I agree with you man, also I want to somthing like that.

@sdom - Thanks for your feedback! As we move forward this is definitely something that we are looking at enhancing further.

@alex - In this case it will be great to see past statistic in new format.