To have multiple translation options appear upon clicking a word

I understand that you can manually change the language and click words, however, when you read more than 10 000 words a day you do not have time to stop on every word to manually change language. I think it would be better if you could pick languages that you want shown in the instant bar. For example, when I read something in Spanish I can instantly click on words in German and English :slight_smile:

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I don’t fully understand your comment here. Can you try and explain it a bit better? We show meanings in your Dictionary language. If you want, you can change this or even switch it in the Popular Meanings list.

“If you want, you can change this or even switch it in the Popular Meanings list.”

Yes we can and do this - unfortunately this process is rather (painfully) slow for someone who regularly uses 2 languages (e.g. mother tongue + English). Not only is it slow but this is something that comes up very frequently and thus can noticeably slow down the language acquisition process.

Some improvements for this issue (e.g. keyboard shortcuts) should be rather easy to implement. I understand that the LingQ team likely needs to prioritize requests - yet I wonder whether this problem is even on your list for future improvements.

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I am proposing that when you click on a word the translation lists of two languages come up, so that people who are learning multiple languages or want to make multiple connections to different languages can do so without the added manual step

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Ahh…I see. That’s a tough one. I wouldn’t expect anything like this in the near future I’m afraid. We have to prioritize improvements that affect the majority of users first. Good to make us aware of this though and something we will be aware of if we ever see an opportunity to do something.