Titles of lessons imported using iOS app

Context: I love importing newspaper articles from my favorite news app on my phone into LingQ and quickly reading them. After importing, I read the article, or at least a part of it, and then move on. I will never reopen an imported lesson after that.

To the point: It would be nice if we didn’t have to manually give lessons titles when importing on the iOS app. At moment, this is the only thing stopping the import from being really convenient. It’s great one can give it a name if desired, but surely it can be setup like the browser extension in that it automatically gives it a name that can then be changed. If it can’t be the title of the article being imported for whatever technical reason, maybe it can just be “quick import iOS app X” or something.

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Thanks for your feedback and suggestion. I’ll check with our iOS developers if that’s in plans.

And Android too. :smiley:

This will be implemented in the next iOS app update. We’ll do the same for Android too soon.