Tips to study a lot for 6 months before go to a English-speaking country

Hello everyone, I would like to hear your opinions about my case!

I am studying english was 2 years with the same pace, getting a lesson per day that have about 30 unknown words and reviewing in Anki everyday and listening the audio a lot of times during the day! Is good because I can learn the words in a deep way, because is not so much words per day. But is bad because I don’t have so many words in my vocab.

Well, next year I will go to a english-speaking country and I will be there for 6 months. In the next 6 months that I have until I can go, I can study for 4 hours a day. What all of you recommend?

  • Change the way that I study and read and listen a lot on lingq and don’t bother to revise the words on Anki like Steve say in those 4 hours;
  • Continue doing what I was doing, that consume 1 hour and in the remaining 3 hours: Read in my kindle for pleasure for 1 hour, watch a tv show with subtitle for 1 hour and watch some videos on youtube for 1 hour;
  • Maybe, read on lingq without bother in revise the vocabulary on Anki for 2 hours, watch tv show for 1 hour and read a book for 1 hour.

Well these was some examples, maybe someone have another idea about what to do?

PS: I have a english partner that I will practise for 1 hour per day that I don’t said because is not considered in the 4 hours.

Thanks for now!

I think all of your proposed plans are good. The main things are how consistently you do it and how enthusiastic you are when you are doing it. Do the one that you like the most, and don’t be afraid to change between them based on your mood.

Congratulations on learning english!

Are you going to anyplace that has a specific regional english accent?

In particular the southern United States, Northern England, Scotland, or Australia?

If so, I recommend listening to media: Movies or TV from that specific region. The good news is, no matter where you are you will be understood in english regardless of your accent as long as you speak clearly. English speakers are very good at understanding all of our different accents… with the exception of West African English spoken in Nigeria and Liberia.

Also, don’t worry about mispronouncing certain vowels like i’s and e’s, even if you pronounce it wrong you will be understood anyways, it just takes practice.

You already knows several thousands of words so with 6 more months of learning and 6 months of living there you should be in great shape!