Tip: how to improve speaking without a partner

I’ve tried this today and found it useful. Pick any theme and make some written general open questions about it.
Then start to answer your questions freely, using the questions as a guide, and record your voice. Don’t write in advance, just talk. It’s really challenging!
You can hear your recording and try other times, but try to speak spontaneuosly.
I intend to do this once a week to see how I improve.
There are some sites on english learning with ready ‘lessons’ with questions, but I think any theme which interests you is good enough.
It could be an interesting future feature of lingQ…


This is a good suggestion. In future we will enable our members to submit recordings of themselves as well as writing, for analysis and to extract words and phrases to work on.

Ana-Paula’s suggestion is sure thing a good one.
I for one think that’s the very best way to improve one’s ability to talk for people suffering from autism, people suffering from split personality and good comedians. Ana’s exercise is currently used at any actor studio.I guess many psychologists handle such technique on a daily basis.
lol? Yes! though my remarks aren’t totally mad.
No offense intended, hey Ana!

I have been using this method for a while, since that’s almost the only way I can get some practice for now and It’s has been great ! besides I’m glad to hear I’m not as “weird” as I thought :slight_smile:

Tahnk you ana for this suggestion …i think it may work but i found it mor active to speak with natives better for rapid improvement .

i wanna learn english is there anyone who talk to me in english on skype.
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Thank you for good advice. I am struggling with speaking English in USA where I study in my university.
I should try this method sometimes.:slight_smile:

If you are interested, you can read a post I made about a self-talk exercise over at HTLAL.


Thanks, alexandrec! I believe it’s a powerful method to boost your self-confidence and fluidity of speech. I will try it out as soon as possible.

Alexandre, this was a very popular post at HTLAL . 35 voted it useful!! Great stuff!!

Unfortunately I cannot bring myself to do these kinds of things. I just listen and read, and when I have a chance to speak, I do the best I can. Eventually, if I have enough chance to speak I improve. If I don’t have the opportunity to speak, then I just wait and build up my comprehension and vocabulary. When I need to speak, or have the chance, will be early enough to work on speaking. Of course I try to get the chance by signing up for discussions here at LingQ.

I talk to myself. I’m a great listener. I can’t really give any constructive feedback, however.
“Here I am in the kitchen. What is the next step while I wash these dishes? The story I saw on the news this morning was… I need to put gas in the car. I’ll stop at the station on the way to work.” Etc.
If I find myself struggling with a word or words related to a particular situation, I can make a point of finding them later. I do this in Italian since that is the language I am currently studying.

I think Ana’s suggestion is great. I like very much Steve’s approach(I love to read and to listen) but I really think that try to speak sometimes helps you. Especially in some cases like mine- “a lazy person to speak”- to start talking in the language I’m studying until I really feel confident is difficult. Honestly if I do not start trying to speak at least some basic expressions…I feel too lazy and my progress and motivations goes down. I need now to stress myself, pressure myself to start speaking on the foreign language! In the past It has happened with all the languages I have studied. Spanish, English and now Finnish(i was too shy to just start)Now I’m recording my voice almost everyday I want get the feeling. I want to imitate the way natives talk. Just because I see here in Finland(all the foreigners who start trying to speak early) they are progressing faster than me!!

Now I think,that trying to speak something,even some words(basic expressions)is part of my transformation period(with the foreign language.) Getting my brain used to the language. Of course not that much if I am a beginner,and always with a positive relaxed approach. I don´t know but I think it helps me to increase my confidence. Think about those who move to a country where they don´t speak the language,if they can´t read,they can´t attend any course. Somehow they have to start speaking. Maybe I changed,mixed the ideas the theme/subject here. Anyway I want, and I think I need to get some practice as soon as possible with my Finnish. However I am a beginner. Some people don´t have the urge/hurry to start speaking the language(maybe because they are just having fun etc)But think about the people who have to hurry to work,study etc etc to ensure their basic necessities.