Timestamps not lining up in sentence view


Since the Youtube importer is not working for videos without CC, I am adding lessons manually by copying the transcript and importing the audio separately. I only have the transcript because I am a Patreon member for “Easy Italian”.

However, the timestamps do not line up in sentence view. I have have to edit each sentence line by line which is very time consuming and not worth the wasted time. Any tips on lining up the timestamps in a quicker manner?

Hi David,

Normally newly created lessons have timestamps generated automatically. For a language like Italian this normally works very well.

Is it possible that the Easy Italian transcript doesn’t actually match the audio? I.e. that sentences exist in the transcript that aren’t actually said in the audio, or vice-versa?


That’s a real possibility. I hadn’t thought of it. It’s not the end of the world - I will stay in page view more for the Easy Italian videos.