Timestamps don't match and shift around

I’ve noticed with some lessons, even when I manually edit the timestamp locations for audio track, sometimes they shift around. In other words, I will go back to listen in sentence mode, and it will start/stop mid-sentence or at the tail end of an adjacent sentence.

Furthermore, when I’m editing the timestamps in the lesson edit window, the times often won’t add up. I’ll leave the ending of a sentence at one timecode, then when I go to the next sentence and “Copy previous End Time” the timecode is the exact same, but the audio starts in the middle of the next sentence.

For content of considerable length, this is a huge time loss. At this point, I would much rather be able to listen to the global audio track after reading, in order to practice listening, and be able to use TTS in sentence mode, rather than just some unusable, random point in another location of the entire audio track.

Is it possible to have an audio track in the lesson but still be able to use TTS in sentence mode?

Also, I know it’s not a simple matter, but I feel the timestamp editing interface needs some kind of improvement in the future to be less time intensive.


Thanks for your feedback. We will look into this and investigate it further.

Yes, I got the same problem. have you fixed it? and How?