Time Management

I know Professor Arguelles made a video a while ago about time management. I can internalize all of his advice and make cool plans. But I cannot find a time management system that works for me.

As a result, I study languages and everything else fairly erratically. Some days I spend all day and night reading great literature but it’s negated by the fact that some months all the exposure I get is a few goofy YouTube videos in my target language.

What do you do to manage your time and keep yourself on some sort of a schedule, if you do at all?

Hello, I maked a list of things to do and I use it to manage my time. I dont have control about the time and about the things there are to do. I have only control about the order I do this things.

Listen at least 1/2 hour last thing at night before nodding off - sometimes my partner doesn’t always make this easy :slight_smile:

Read at least 1/2 hour the transcript of what I listened to the night before, first thing upon rising.

I also, personally, find that these are optimal times for reinforcing vocab. There has been some studies that have shown similar results.

For me the key is not to make time, but to use naturally occurring dead time-- commuting time, sometimes when I take my kids to the park (bad parenting, I know), and spells of insomnia-- for listening and reading.

This is my method, it has worked for me for nearly 3 years now:

Charge up your mp3 player and keep it permanently about your person. Listen to it whenever you aren’t using your ears for anything else. When you find yourself with a little free time, open up LingQ and read and learn the vocabulary in the lessons you have been listening to.

Here is a tip. It should give you a lot of extra free time.

Stop hanging out in the forums!

Ok, I know it is hard to implement, but theoretically it should work.

Edwin, I agree with all three lines of your comment. Precisely! I might console myself that writing in the forums may give me an additional language practice. However, in the depth of my soul, I understand that I delude myself. It is first of all, fun and a wasted time :wink:


It seems I learned something new today from your post:
“to keep sth. about me”

From Cambridge Online Dictionary: about = in a particular place (UK slightly formal)
Example: Do you have a pen about you? = Have you got a pen?

In German we say “bei mir haben” - Ich habe den MP3-Spieler den ganzen Tag __bei:: mir. Hast du einen Stift bei dir?


Great advice!
The problem is: the internet offers so many possibilities to procrastinate …

"Procrastination" Tales Of Mere Existence - YouTube <<<

You can spend easily 8 hours and more surfing and reading about language learning techniques, instead just reading, listening, learning a language.

Well, were it that simple, fellow.
Stop playing video games. Stop watching youtube videos. Stop messing around with your room. Stop calling people for too long on the phone. Stop browsing forums. Stop doing whatever isn’t bettering you as a person. Easy right?

That’s kind of the point of time management.

Anyway I agree that having a mp3 player with at all times is probably useful for some. But I have a 2 minute commute to school where I am not allowed to use one. I don’t drive so when I go out it’s almost always with another person, with whom I socially interact rather than sit there and listen to a mp3 player.

Yeah though the problem isn’t lack of free time, it’s lack of a way to manage it.

A simple to do list doesn’t tend to work for me. I found that an hour by hour one did okay but it’s difficult to predict some things in there.
I dunno, maybe it’s a problem like motivation: The only way to solve it is just to solve it.
Do you know what I mean?

@SolYViento: you seem to be making good progress with whatever you are doing, so why don’t you just continue enjoying the process?

Do some chores while listening to mp3 player. Listen to mp3 while shopping etc.

Mp3 players are banned in my son’s school too, as are many educational web sites like Wikipedia. Sometimes I feel like going down there a giving his teachers a smacking…er, I mean a lecture on modern learning tools.

Many in the school system want control, they do not want kids learning on their own. They fear it might cost them “funding” at some point.

However, I can tell you from the conference I attended on Literacy and Technology that many teachers think differently and their number can only grow. But go down their and give them a smacking anyway, it can never hurt.

Although it is probably a more effective smacking if it hurts :wink:

Time management=motivation. If I lack motivation to do anything, I will waste hours and hours, days and days without doing anything substantial learning activity. If my motivation is strong deep down, I won’t even waste idle moments. Good time management relies heavily on instilling good motivation

I’m working 08p.m -18a.m, so I’m be able to study 3 hours every day.

It’s very simple when you have a plan,however the secret is, never,again, never use the computer to study.

I use the computer for 90% of my study if not more. It’s causing no problems for me. Perhaps this is an individual thing, Lucas.

I agree with you Imyirtseshem

Of couse That I use the computer to study however I know a lot of people that when try to do homework or study languages end up distracting with Msn,youtube,skype,facebook.
(is correct say “end up distracting ?”)

‘end up getting distracted by’ sounds better.

Yeah, distraction is always something you’ve got to deal with. It happens to me too. Still, I work more efficiently on this thing even with some of that happening. So, onward! :slight_smile: