Time is missing at "LIGHT UP YOUR BRAIN"

In the collection “LIGHT UP YOUR BRAIN” in the english libraray there is no duration shown

This is because the person who shared this content, Edward, has not entered a duration in when using an external url. Edward, if you see this thread, please enter the duration for these items.

Dear VeraI,

I didn’t enter the duration time in the collection “LIGHT UP YOUR BRAIN”, or on any of my shared items(collections). I think I’m lazy, but it is really annoying to me. I would really appreciate it if the LingQ system would do that for me.

Even though I have to wait more than one minutee to successfully save and share on LingQ, (Only when I am using my computer in my room, don’t know why) I still keep sharing.

So I add, click SAVE, wait…
Failed: reload, wait… do it all over again.
Success: click SHARE, wait…
Failed: reload, wait…
Success: HOORAY! Next item…

I’ve shared many items, so I can’t add all my shared items with duration information, but I’ll remember to enter that in the future. I know duration is pretty valuable to people when deciding which item to choose.

Happy learning, hope you all enjoy my shared items.

To Mark:
Beside the questions I mentioned above, it happened when I created LingQs too.
I guess it is because of my upload connection or java. Similar problems happened when loading Gmail, uploading files on many sites… etc. Do you have any idea? My browser is Firefox 3.0.1

Thanks a lot ! ^^

Dear Edward, thank you for explanation. I think the time is important for me first to choose the item and then twice to get add the correct time of hearing in the counter.
I understand your trouble. Sometimes I wait a few minutes for saving an item. I think it is often a problem of the provider.

I don’t know which items you have imported; therefore I can’t say if I like your items :wink:
Thank you for answering.

Hi Edward,

If you’re having similar problems on all sites, that would suggest that it has to do with your internet connection. When sharing content obviously uploading the sound file depends on your upload speed.

Regarding the duration, in this case you used an external audio url therefore we can’t automatically figure out the duration since the audio file is not on our server. Of course, given your internet connection issues, you are probably better off using the external url and just calculating and entering the duration rather than uploading the audio file to our server so the duration can be calculated automatically.