This guy didn't learn Italian at LingQ


I think this guy didn’t learn Italian at LingQ. What do you think?

family guy :smiley: yeah and neither did this guy : Joey trying to speak French - YouTube

Nice stuff guys. @holomaxi I feel that I’m like Joey with my English from time to time.

I’ve always wondered how Italian sound like to foreigns. I hope it doesn’t sound like that… LOL hilarious anyway…

Situation with French is like to me a little ))))
I like French songs and can not sing their. French words are difficult for pronunciation, but Italian fine words are very easy for me. I do not known why it is.

I don’t think this lady learned any of her languages at LingQ: Catherine Tate - the offensive translator - YouTube

The last video is very funny. I have laughed at it. Thank you!

This video is mostly in French with some English parts but it’s hilarious if you can understand everything: Sorry, j'parle pas français - YouTube

unfortunately ((( I have not understood video in French. And I can not assess it.