This button needs to be fixed

Please fix this confusing button. It’s an add symbol which should mean “Add Lesson” I suppose but then when you scroll over it, it leads the users to actually delete an entire course which could accidentally be done with only one more accidental click


Hello, StewartLikesLingQ.

I agree with you. You can already remove it using the 3 dot drop down, there isn’t really a need for another button. Especially on mobile it could be really easy to remove it on accident.

Thank you for your suggestion and feedback! I’m sure they will submit something for it and hope it gets changed.

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Couldn’t agree more. This button should either be removed entirely or be replaced by the red trash can icon. The + sign has no place here.


Thanks for your feedback. I’ll forward this to our team.

Thank you @zoran! I’ve noticed, every day of the week your pretty quick and of course very knowledgeable! Just wanted to thank you for all your time and for providing such great customer service!

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