Thinking of taking a break from spanish to learn Swedish on LingQ

Hi all. I’m quite new to LingQ and have been using it to learn Spanish. Having become interested in language learning in the last 6 months or so. I feel I am making good progress, considering the amount of time I have spent on this site…

I am still very much enjoying myself in learning Spanish but I wonder if I could divide my time between learning Spanish: a language I studied at school, having never become conversational to any extent… unless you consider memorising essays and speaking them to be conversational (SMH). And learning Swedish: A language I have absolutely no experience in, that has peaked my interest recently.

Reasons I am considering this:

  • I have read on the forums here and elsewhere about how language learners have found their capabilities improved after removing themselves from a language and coming back to it. This does make sense to me, being given a chance to rest and try something new for a short time

  • As mentioned I am interested in learning Swedish, the language fascinates me.

  • I have been learning Spanish for about 7 weeks now and have invested a large amount of time, every day into doing so. And feel I could take on the task.

Lemme know your thoughts…

I wouldn’t do it–especially something you are “recently” interested in.

7 weeks is not a large amount of time. The “go away from a language, visit another, come back, and be better” happens because of the novelty/changing it up, AND, especially, because you have become a much better language learner. As you are a better language learner overall, you then get better at (whatever) language you encounter. Nothing’s wasted of course, but you’ll get more out of both languages if you move after reaching a certain level.

If I were you, I would decide which language you really want to learn, and to what level, and then go with that one.

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Well, I think that answers it. I’m looking to get to a proficient speaking level in Spanish, uncle speaks it, would be nice to be able to speak it along with him. By proficient, I mean to be able to understand and speak in conversations, not necessarily as well as I speak English, but as well as my uncle speaks Spanish.

I’ll tackle Swedish when I can follow a simple conversation to a degree.

thanks matey!

Edit: That is IF I still want to do it