Thinking in a foreign language

I haven’t read the entire article but it proposes a pretty neat idea if we ponder a little bit. One of the most irksome problems in language learning is the inability to work with what we succeeded in acquiring so far( I mean to turn to output without feeling ashamed if we make mistakes ).

By thinking in the foreign language that we are learning we can combine what knowledge we have so far to create more and more links between the words,phrases and sentence patterns that we are able to put together .

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Thank your for the link! (she says trying to say it in another language in her head…)

I tried to do so several times in bed recently, and I was able to fall asleep easily.


A great article Madara, thank you - many if not most of these I do but it’s so good to get the validation that I’m not alone in my thinking - but one thing I hadn’t done was switch my Droid MINI to Italian or German - I don’t know why I didn’t think of that sooner.
Daniel Léo Simpson
San Francisco

The article is very nice. And I agree with the fact that until and unless you will not use the new language you are learning you will not be able to own the accuracy. Juts use the language as much as you can without hesitating that you are speaking something wrong. Practice, practice and practice as much as you can.