Things in Venezuela are becoming worse

For who knows Portuguese, the text from nexo is even better to understand the actual moment:

New informe from OEA about the situation in Venezuela in Spanish:

No resolution predictions - unfortunately.

How similar are Venezuelan and Colombian dialects and culture – how easy or difficult is it for Venezuelans to fit into Colombian society, aside from their sorry economic state? For those fleeing to Brazil there is obviously the language factor.

The situation has been worsening over time. I was there for a few months back in 2013 (when Chavez died) and things were already bad. It has become worse and worse. I have friends there and they keep me up to date. Many of them have emigrated (to Ecuador), some resist it out of love for the country.
+khardy Colombia and Venezuela are very close countries in most respects. In general, moving around Spanish speaking countries in Latin America is not a big change culture-wise. However, that’s not the main issue. Getting kicked out of your country and way of life is a very painful experience

The words of Christian Krüger, national director of Migration Colombia:
“In order to understand this migratory phenomenon that is being presented today in our country, we have to return some three or four decades ago, and remember that previously the migration was the reverse when the Colombian traveled to Venezuela. We estimate that more than one million Colombians have been able to live in that country, and many of them are returning at this time, and they are not doing it alone, but with their families. Many of these people are Colombian. What we see is a return migration, and they come with Venezuelan nationals, who are welcome to Colombian territory. What we want to do is regularize this migration.”

Their cultura are very similar so that’s not a big issue. What I’ve read from some colombians it’s the same thing that happens in all countries, some people are very into help their ‘hermanos’ and others are worried because is expensive and they can take good colombians jobs.
However, IMO, most of the Venezuelans just left their country because it is impossible to live and when the situation gets better they will come back.

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i have not been there in a decade but it was bad when i was there and it will continue to go down with these corrupt people in charge

In my country there is currently a right-wing dictatorship. But people overseas pretty much don’t care. It’s kinda sobering.

Mal de muchos…

However, I do agree that the situation in Honduras is quite similar to that in Venezuela, with corrupted justice courts and electoral systems supporting anti-democratic actions by the government. I also agree that the situation there should receive more media attention. It’s a terrible thing and my solidarity goes both to the people of Honduras and Venezuela