Things i like about Donald Trump

  1. He’s a humanitarian. He cares deeply about people.
  2. He has absolutely fabulous hair.
  3. He is going to become the greatest, no-nonsense president the US has ever had.
  4. He will make things better for African-Americans.
  5. He has made the flight system very very safe by banning dangerous people and dangerous hand luggage from dangerous places.
  6. Everything he says is common sense, and logical.
  7. He is a maverick in the face of political adversary.
  8. His environmental policies will make the world a much cleaner place in actuality.

Post anything you like about Trump in this thread. If you want to complain about him, please go to the 834873598745987 other threads of hurty-butt and post in those.


“…2. He has absolutely fabulous hair…”

Do you find?

I like that Trump doesn’t force Melania to live with him at the White House. He gives her some space.

Each time he visits her at Mar-a-Lago costs U.S. taxpayers over $3 million. I don’t like that part.

I won some money against friends who thought he had a 0% chance of winning. I like that.

ha ha i needed a good laugh today
everybody knows that steve bannon is really the Real president of the united states

I love how Trump made conservatism the new counter culture.

Even better than watching all the liberal meltdowns.

Can anybody imagine the absolute shitshow it would be in here if people made 456 posts a day bashing Hillary or Obama?

You can dish it out - but you can’t take it, lefty snowflakes.


I’ll never get tired of liberal meltdowns :slight_smile:

Let’s just hope that the lovely Melania gives Donald his $3 million bucks worth during those visits! :smiley:

I’d be more concerned over the money it takes to cover his family members who are running his businesses as they travel all over the world.

"I love how Trump made conservatism the new counter culture. " is he a conservative?

You forgot the best part. He makes America great again. :wink:


And the LingQ forum succumbs to Poe’s Law once again.

I took the original post to be a sincere statement of belief.

If it was not, I would have to say that he is a hidden phoenix, a sleeping dragon.

Edit: To further muddy the waters, it was posted April 1st.

Since November 8th, every day has been April 1st.


@ iaing - KILLED myself laughin’!

“is he a conservative?”

haha no

Where’s Yutaka?

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This thread requires an opinion, not a copy&paste article.

Chicks dig him.



I am okay. I am surviving.

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