"They also speak English on the pitch,..."

“Sources say the players speak neither Dutch nor French but English in the changing room, to avoid the perception of favouring one language over another.
They also speak English on the pitch,”

Do they speak English not only in the changing room but also on the playing field to avoid the perception of favoring one language over another?
Am I right in guessing that the word “pitch” means “an area painted with lines for playing particular sports”?

a football/hockey/cricket pitch
Supporters invaded (= ran onto) the pitch.

Ah ces Belges… :wink:

I’m afraid your guess (your guessing?) is accurate, @Yutaka. These polyglots are very talented on the pitch, too.

BTW, have you watched the match - Belgium v Japan? If not, you should watch these 2- minutes video below!

En tout cas…

En tout cas le match était sympa :wink:
Tu es Belge ?

Vous avez raison. Non. Je ne suis pas Belge.


Thank you for your reply. I didn’t watch the match. To tell the truth, I have to admit that I cannot understand why simply watching men play with a ball on the pitch is so enjoyable. I don’t know why “spectator” sports are so popular. :smiley:

How about martial arts?