There is something wrong with the LingQ extension

Hi, I really think that there is something wrong with the LingQ extension. Particularly the ‘highlighted text’ function of the lessons I would like to be imported, it just keeps saying “Error” like in the picture. However, when I checked again on the LingQ website, the lessons had already been imported, but there were no videos attached to the lessons I tried to import, and there usually are. Sincerely Thank

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I haven’t been able to upload YouTube videos for days. LingQ has basically become useless for me. Does anyone know if this feature is being discontinued by LingQ or if there is a timeline for fixing it?

It depends on how youtube has got the subtitles as far as I understand. My tip - use (works for 20 languages) and it will always work, by finding videos on youtube with the types of subtitles you definitely can import (you have to then click through to youtube).

Thank you for introducing the site; it is very neat.