There is no wall on my profil page

What is happening? Do I have to wait for a few hours to renew LingQ?

I don’t seem to be experiencing any problems with the wall. Can you try refreshing the page to see if it works?

Thank for your advice. Yes, after refreshing the page, now I see a wall on my profil page.

Oh, when I use a computer DELL (Windows Vista), Wall is at the bottom of the right side on my profil page. I have to scroll down the screen to see Wall. However, no problem with another computer Lenovo (Windows 7). It is very strange.

Are you using the same browser on both computers or a different browser? Also, can you take a screenshot so we can better understand what you mean?

Sorry for being late. I was sleeping for a few hours.
Yes, I am using the same browser on both ones. I will send you two screenshots by e-mail right away.

There’s the same problem on the iPod touch. If you scroll down it is on the bottom right hand side

I finally solved the issue. I resized page with Firefox, using display menu–>> Zoom down. Now it works very well. Thanks.