There is no button for submitting your comment for correction

There is no button for submitting your comment for correction at the same time as you post. You have to post a comment before you submit it for correction.

I welcome this change; you do not have to decide at the time of posting. Besides, it became possible for you to submit your old comments for correction on the forum pages.

Now I can see at the bottom three available choices: edit, delete, and submit for correction.

I submitted this for correction.

The difficulty you might experience after submitting your forum comments for correction lies in the fact that you are not a native speaker( or ‘native’ writer). You, as a ‘consumer,’ welcome a lot of responses, but you only have incomplete knowledge of the language you are learning.

I wonder how you overcome this difficulty as a learner of a foreign language.

Dear Yutaka, tomorrow morning I have read your post: of course, I am not a native speaker. I never had told You, I am a Commonwealth or US citizen, or born in a this part of our wonderful World. Please accept this fact and don’t call me by the name of ‘consumer’. All my professional life (now seventy two years young) I have been connected to different kinds of papers, books, libraries etc Really, I read many in different languages. Such a incomplete knowledge (You are right), after lot of time, permits overcome many difficulties, mainly in passive use of language. Moreover, I have never been in any English speaking country. That’s all for today. Bye. Andrzej.

In those comments I have written, I used ‘you’ to refer to the things ‘everyone’ would have to face. When you --this ‘you’ is also what I am talking about now-- are learning a foreign language, you may happen to face this difficulty: whose correction or advice to accept. This difficulty is actually mine.

As many of you may have noticed, I am always trying to find a new topic about which I can write something. I am sixty-something years “young.”

Had I known you had started a thread on this topic here (I should have known!), I would have added my comment on the comments on your original comment here instead of adding it to the comments on your original comment.

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Thank you for your long sentence. Next time I will try to write a much more longer sentence.

The comment by @androstr and your reply illustrate the usefulness of “one”. One can use ‘one’ - as you had originally done - where ‘you’ would confuse. One, however, is generally not used all that often!

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@Yutaka - As you noted, the button has been moved. Now you can submit any of your posts for correction at any time, instead of just being able to submit them when you submit the original post.

Yes, it is a shame the ‘one’ form has declined in use in English. By using it one can clearly indicate that one is not referring to any one specific person, but is making a general statement that does not accuse any one specific person of anything!

I do not see anything derogatory in the use of ‘consumer’. I am at a loss to suggest a better word that might be used to replace ‘consumer’. I am a native speaker of English, and am three months off being 72 years ‘young’.

I agree, Yutaka, as a non-native speaker of the language of the text you submit for correction (one submits for correction), it is difficult to evaluate the quality of the corrections that are offered. Keep writing. I enjoy reading your comments.

I am not sure whether you welcome corrections, Andrzej, but tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet! Did you read Yutaka’s comments this morning?

@Gingko58 What a pleasure to meet someone on here who is older than I am (even Steve has managed to be younger than me).

Long live the ‘one’ and, come to think of it, the semicolon; there are no doubt other things worthy of inclusion in this sentence, but . . .

SanneT, finally who is the oldest @Gingko58, or me . Yes, yes. Gingko is the first. I’m ‘only’ seventy one and a half. But… not at all. Doesn’t matter. The second is also a good place, especially in a so young company. And now seriously: Gingko58, it was yesterday your post, that You like mine? Sorry, I have’nt sufficient time to give thanks.

Last the best wishes of good lack to all “old fellow”

I like the concept pf being sixty-something years “young.”