There is a strange line in the timeline

There is a strange entry in the timeline(‘Recently Active Threads’). The title of the thread is not shown there. The only thing you can see in the entry is a username. My guess is that someone else began a thread ‘with no title’ and the member whose username is shown in the entry commented on it.

I see what you mean with the Recently Active Threads. Right now I see two that have no title. They appear to be “by” whoever commented/replied last. At least for the one “by” Sanne T.

No one had commented yet on the one by ergarvari39. But I just entered a reply to ergarvari39 to test the system, and now the thread appears to be “by” me. So your hypothesis appears to be correct.

Also when I try to post a reply, the system keeps giving me the message “Throttled, wait 900 seconds” so I have to keep waiting to actually post a reply. Thank goodness for ‘copy and paste’ and ‘go back one page!’ Who’s gonna wait 15 minutes to post a reply while something to do with the system has “throttled”? (whatever that is supposed to mean)

Actually now I see that all of the threads appear to be “by” whoever commented last. It is probably programmed this way so that the person who originally posted the thread can easily see that someone has replied.

Two Sherlocks at once! :slight_smile:

It seems that the entries without a title are from “Ask your tutor” section.

All the forum threads always show the last contributor’s username so that everyone can see who has responded last.