There are invisible LingQ

I don’t know why, but in my lesson I found that there were some invisible lingq (created just now)! I observed the page and I noticed that, in any case,
I found them on the list that is in the lower right. However, some lingqs in the lesson were not even highlighted … How could I do to fix this? Thanks for your response.

Removed - Wrong Thread

Removed - Wrong Thread

Mmmm … in my lessons (both that one of the library and the one I imported) there are some new words without highlight, even though all of new words - included them - are calculated as the “new words” (at the upper-right of the page), and I tried to highlight them, but … nothing happened. I can not create lingq with these words O_o.
Could someone help me to solve this problem?

@Cheese - Could you tell us which lesson and which words? That will help us figure it out.

Thank you for your quick response Mark. I can’t remember immediately the lessons of library in question because the time has past… while regarding those of imports I can pass you right away, for example: Login - LingQ

For instance, at the beginning of the sentence you can find “flussi” and “migratori” and highlight them: each single word, but not two words together: “flussi migratori”…

Ah, I’d like to ask you another my problem in this occasion!
Please look at the second paragraph: "Pero’ questo e’ un dato di fatto che noi dobbiamo… "…ok, I created lingq of this sentence, but this isn’t highlighted and if you select from the right list, you noticed that this is a first status (so it have to be yellow! very strange)!

sorry for my english, I hope I made myself clear.

P.S. I tried to use “brush” icon, that I could find in the editing page. After that there are appeared some words, but some others are still strange.

@Cheese - Can you send me the text you imported to support (at) lingq (dot) com? That will help us. You can also send the the Lesson Url from the bottom of the lesson page or click the Share button and share the link to the email address I posted. The link you posted above will only work for you.