The wrong voice is speaking stories; Translated text USELESS when physically separated from the French text

I have French male selected in the options menu, and it will not speak with anything but the French Female voice. I’ve tried two different browsers. It does the same thing in both. I’ve been using this website for about 10 minutes, and I’m not impressed.

Why does it not allow you to insert the translated text line by line DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH the French text? Having the translation on the other side of the screen does absolutely jack squat. They need to be right next to each other so I can see the French text AND the translation at the same time while it’s being spoken.

Strange, I just tried changing between male/female French voice under the settings and changes applied properly, both voices work fine. Which browsers are you using?

On your second point…why not use sentence mode. Then there is a “translate” button underneath and it will translate the entire sentence underneath…seemingly exactly what you are looking for.