The world and English ;P

So I realize this topic has probably been discussed to death but I still feel like I need to say something.

I have always been worried about people just switching to English any time I try to speak a foreign language I have learned, but that is because I am an actual native English speaker. But more and more I am noticing in these forums and others that people nowadays seem to switch to English with non-native speakers also! Like people just assume everyone in the world can speak great English, or better English than any other language, when that might actually not be the case! Maybe I only find this weird because I am an English speaker (and an American, here everyone is expected to speak our language not the other way around), but I can’t help but be at a loss. How is anyone supposed to learn any other language with people constantly wanting to speak English all the time? Regardless of where you come from? And yet English speakers get so much crap for being monolingual…

I guess that I feel that it makes sense for someone to switch to English if it is the other person’s native tongue (though still annoying), but the fact that people do that with non-native speakers as well just makes me realize how ingrained English is as an international language and lose hope for the future of language learning.

You are only partly right. English is now an International language, that’s why all people strive speaking English. And imagine yourself: I can answer you in Russian or German, but you will not be able to understand my answer. So I answer you in English.
But I strongly believe that even speaking English we needn’t (and mustn’t!) refuse our national cultures and national traditions, otherwise we loose more than we obtain.
And finally - your language studying depends only on youself! If it is interesting for you, if it enjoys you, you will study. If you have no fun, so give up.
And it’s practical as well. For example only 5-7% of Russians speak English. And if you travel to Russia, you’d better speak a bit Russian. THe most of people in Italy or Spain also speak only their native language - and it’s practical to know a bit their languages if you gonna visit these countries.

I can answer you in Russian or German, but you will not be able to understand my answer.

Woher kommt diese Vermutung?) Natalie kann doch Deutsch! :slight_smile:

Most people want to enjoy talking about subjects that interest them regardless of language. That there must be the medium of language is incidental. That English is the most likely language that this can be done in is accidental.

Speak English! Enjoy it!