"The Word Brain" - Language Learning

This is an interesting piece by a Bernd Sebastian Kamps (I have personally never heard of this gentleman).

I’m still reading it, so I won’t comment yet. I wonder if others have read it and what their thoughts on it are.

Interesting, have not read it yet, but the content is free, and available in various languages. I think I will import the various language versions into LingQ and have a nice read sometime this week.

This thread was a response:
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I just read the book. The shorter edition in pdf file.

I agree with the author in a sense that the more time you will spend with the language, the faster progress you will make. It is a common sense. This logic can be applied to everything in real life.

However, language learning is not that simple like learning thousands and thousands of words and listening to certain hours of the language content in a certain amount of period. It is not that black and white stuff.

You definitely need some talent or a knack for language learning more so if you are a not a teen.

At some stage of learning, you have got to start converting your passive knowledge into active knowledge. Some face to face communication probably with a native speaker is the only way to speak fluently and develop good communication skills. However, not everyone can afford to go to their target language country and spend months there for the immersion’s sake.

I guess, treat language learning more like your hobby , I know I am being a pessimistic individual over here but do not ignore other professional avenues or other priorities just for the sake of learning a new language.

However, there was nothing new in the book that I could get out of it - just same old regurgitated facts.