The Vent Community?

“The vent community animals can’t really do
much about the life and death that’s going on where they live , but up here we can . In
theory , we’re thinking , rational human beings.”
( TED talks; Mike deGruy: Hooked by an octopus )
The word “vent” in the first sentence isn’t clear . I’ve looked it up in some dictionaries but every time the meaning seems doesn’t make sense , anyone has any clue?? thank you

“Vent” refers to a thermal vent on the bottom of the ocean floor. It is an opening where hot water streams out; along with minerals to support life. Vent is an opening where a community of marine life gathers.


Thank you!!!

And yet he could also be talking about the ‘community’ of people who like to complain all the time because they have no real control over the ‘life and death’ that is going on all around them, and yet ‘up here,’ on the TED Talks stage, at least ‘in theory’ we can, because at least we’re ‘thinking, rational’ animals, not the animals who call or write in to their local newspaper and ‘vent’ their emotions in the form of strongly worded opinions.

But of course I’m joking. He’s not. He’s not. But that’s precisely what I thought of when I first read the title “The Vent Community.” The community of people who are always venting (i.e. releasing their emotions) by airing their often irrational and sorely misinformed opinions in the Vent Line (the readers’ opinion column) in their local newspaper.

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it could be . Thank you