The teachers do not turn up for sky conversation

hi, I bought 1000 point and signed up for two sky conversation lesson with two different teacher in two consecutive days.
The first was skyblueteapot and she did not turned up. The second one in the second day was learn_with_me who did not turned up too.
So it was all wasting of time. Please explain me how I can get sky conversation here? If it is impossible then please give my money back.

When I look at your account it looks like those conversations were canceled and you were given your points back. Did you cancel them or did the tutors? Normally if your tutors cancel they will let you know. If you click the cancel link in the conversation description, this will cancel the discussion. Perhaps you canceled the conversations by accident.

At any rate, you still have 1000 points in your account. Go ahead and sign up for two more conversations and I am sure your tutors will contact you at the scheduled time. Also, make sure you have chosen the correct time zone on your Settings page.